Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ten Fingers Left

Our welcome home for the last four years.
As excited as we are to move into our new place, it's getting a little hard to embrace that this means we will be moving out of our current place. I guess you can't do one with out the other, but the closer the date gets...the more I'm feeling a bit scentimenal about it all. This has been our first home together as a couple. It's the home we first experienced fatherhood in. It's been the host to our Holiday Cookie Crumble ... and a several dinner parties.

I guess, in a short period of time we have put our stamp on this condo and really made it a place we call 'home.'  I still remember the first day after the move-in and we had settled with the fact that there was no way for us to get our big couch into either the elevator or the stairwell. Outside of hiring a crane to hoist it over the balcony six floors up ... we were sunk. So we sat in our big living room on pillows and had our first meal in our home while watching a movie (cable not set up yet).  It was blissful!

We move out in 10 days. I know once that last piece of furniture is moved out and we lock the door the last time as our permanent residence ... it's gonna hit. It's been a great home for these two fathers and our son to build our family unit, but now it's on to bigger and better things. I guess we can take comfort in knowing we aren't actually selling our condo just yet....we may never will. Maybe this'll turn out to be our retirement condo when we are old and grey - and still fabulous!

If you are a person who helped us make so many memories with us over the years, we raise a glass to you and thank you. We have truly enjoyed our time here at MICA and will desperately miss our POOL! Our fabulous pool is like our scarecrow ... we'll miss it most of all.

I'm sitting here writing this in the dark as I just got Kyler to bed for the night. Thank God it is Friday tomorrow. However, tonight I'll go to bed knowing that I have as many nights left in our bedroom as I do fingers.  Ten fingers left here......ten.