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Washington Post online article (Washington, D.C.)

FOX 5 News / June 2013
Our adoption journey was once again featured on FOX 5 News in Washington DC. We were interviewed about our use of social media during our adoption process with Kyler, and how we are using it again to grow our family. We also talk about the open relationship with have with Kyler's mother. This segment was released on Father's Day 2013. 

FOX-5 News newscast (Washington, D.C.)

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Previous Feature on FOX 5 News / December 2010
Our story was featured on FOX News right before Christmas here on the local DC affiliate. It was then later available to other affiliates around the nation to use as a holiday story. Not entirely sure how many other affiliates picked up the story.

Laura Evans, award-winning news anchor, came to our house along with the co-founder of Goodkin, Jen Gruskoff. Goodkin was the company we hooked up with about non-traditional families over the holidays. They were a family lifestyle focused website that brings focus to the non-traditional family.

We applaud Laura for agreeing to do this story. She's a wonderful lady and it was such a pleasure to meet her.