Friday, September 29, 2006

a chance to give

i had the pleasure of volunteering again last night at Food & Friends in washington dc. i volunteered there last year with my company during a community outreach day and have wanted to volunteer there again because i enjoyed it so much.

most people in the washington area have heard of food and friends(FAF), but are not 100% sure of the extent for which they exist. along with nutrition counseling, FAF prepares, packages and delivers meals and groceries to more than 1,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses throughout washington, dc, 7 counties of maryland and 7 counties and 6 independent cities in virginia. since 1988, FAF has provided food and companionship to our clients, their loved ones and caregivers. it's truly amazing! so not only do they provide all the meals needed for the day, they will also provide those same meals to the rest of the family that may depend on person.

FAF survives by depending upon the volunteering of time from members of the community. they have a new facility in upper NE dc that they purchased in 2002. it is a wonderful building that helps them to provide for the 1000+ clients today, but has the potential to hopefully serve 3000+ clients in the future.

they have different ways to volunteer....either with groups or as an individual. i am currently volunteering with the chorus and have found it as a great outlet to get to know other members. the work is so easy and the staff is so appreciative of your help. they show you what to do and have you working within minutes of your time there. you leave the building with a great sense of accomplisment.

so, if you're looking for that chance to give of yourself, especially time, FAF is a wonderful opportunity for you!!! you can find out more information about FAF and their mission and volunteer program on their info-filled website at

be good to each other!

Ugly.........the new black

okay, if you didn't catch the series premiere of ugly betty last night, you missed out! what a damn cute show. it is on thursday nights at 8pm right before grey's anatomy.

if you took a moment to get to know betty suarez, you'd see how sweet, intelligent and hard-working she is. but few people do, because in the world of high fashion betty is the oversized peg in the petite round hole. when publishing mogul bradford meade hands the reigns of Mode, the bible of the fashion industry, over to this son, daniel, he specifically hires betty as his son's new assistant – mostly because she's the only woman in nyc daniel won't sleep with. though this "player" is reluctant to accept her at first, betty's indomitable spirit and bright ideas will eventually win him over. neither of them really knows the ins and outs of the fashion world, but the two are a formidable team against those who will do anything to see them fall.

based on "Yo Soy Betty La Fea," the groundbreaking colombian telenovela that became an international phenomenon, "Ugly Betty" is from touchstone television. academy award nominee and emmy award winner Salma Hayek is executive producer, along with Silvio Horta ("Urban Legends"), Ben Silverman, ("The Office"), Jose Tamez ("The Maldonado Miracle"), James Parriott ("Grey's Anatomy") and James Hayman ("Joan of Arcadia").

the show is gay gay gay, but is mucho enjoyable for all audiences. check out the website at you can even watch the premiere episode right on the site. well worth it!

ugly........the new black this season!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

update on julie

some of you have greatfully inquired how my sister-in-law, julie, is doing with her battle against cancer. i thought i would take the time to update all of you and share with other who don't know the situation with my family.

i'll start with the quick and dirty. julie is married to my oldest brother brian and is 45 years old. she has been battling a fight against breast cancer for the last 7 years that has attacked her breasts, her breast bone, her brain, and now most recently her lymph system, pelvis and arm.
it's been a long battle and it seems with every victory of either finishing a round of chemo or radiation and getting great results, she gets knocked back down with the news that the cancer has appeared somewhere else.

currently, julie remains strong. i talked with her last week because she's having a rough time being home by herself now because her two children are in school all day. she has trouble getting around due to the loss of mobility in her right leg, so her days are challenged and often filled with time sitting alone in her house.

although she is doing okay, i can just tell that something is not right....she's not the same person. she has difficulty expressing her thoughts and sometimes has trouble finishing them by saying, "now where was i going with this?" he speech is just a little slower and often delayed. that's the best way to discribe it. i'm sure i would be the same way if i've had years of "poison" circulating through my blood and radiation directed at my brain for months. through it all though, she remains positive.

she has just completed her 5th out of 10 rounds of chemo. she's a little worried because the last round caused a migraine headache that almost put her down. she hasn't had one in almost 20 years and now she's worried if the next rounds will bring about the same results. it's hard for her to go back knowing what is to come, but still....she fights.

i called her last week to share with her that a friend of mine from portland had called be he and another friend (involved in a prayer group) had inquired about her status. i just called to let her know that there were people she doesn't even know praying for her. she took comfort in that and i could tell that it really meant a lot to her.

i thank you for those that have inquired about julie. most of you know how hard it is for me to be this far away from her and my family and we battle this together. i am just counting the days until the christmas holiday when i get to go home for about 10 days a be with my family. i look forward to spending some quality time with julie.

count your blessings every day that you have your health. sometimes we take it for granted, but being healthy is such a blessing than the alternative that many people must combat each day of their lives.

be good to each other!

Monday, September 25, 2006

raising the bar

now, most of you know that i enjoy the cocktail. in fact, enjoy might not even capture the true essence of the relationship that i share with the cocktail. so, when i find cool things that revolve around the subject of the cocktail...i am just compelled to share them.

thus, i now bring you to the point of this entry. i am excited to see a funky cool new site called it's a fabulous interactive website revolving all around the cocktail. you can search on recipes, the best drinks to go with what menu, and even suggestions by brand of booze. it's actually a pretty cool site....and the virtual bartender, jack, is kind of cool in his own right.

so, check it out at and raise your bar to a whole new level!

brad - shaken, not stirred

Friday, September 22, 2006

A thought of loving inspiration

this is an email that i received from a friend. she describes an email she sent to a friend of hers that is a priest. she then shares her friend's response. it is wonderful to know that there are actually people in the ministry that truly believe and practice that love that God tought. i hope you find inspiration from this email............

This is one of the reasons I love my church in Michigan and haven't found
one around here that lives up to it. I recently went on a rant about the
way the Methodist church was putting their own minister on trial, despite the
extreme love and support of her congregation because she was honest and told
them she was gay. I was so angry at the level of hypocrisy and needed to
vent. So I sent an email to my minister in Michigan, raving like a
maniac. Just between us, here is her response. I thought you would
appreciate it. I know I did.

"In any event - to get to your concerns. I feel your
disappointment in your church. It does seem so inconsistent to welcome
people in with one hand and push them away with the other. Those of us who
cherish our friendships with those who are being pushed away are angry and
frustrated. I'm hoping that the outcome of the particular case in
Washington is at least some comfort to you. Unfortunately, this will
continue to be a dividing issue in the United Methodist Church for some time to
come. I'm not sure why - but it will be. One thing that I believe
your Dad would agree with is that for those of us who are willing to read the
Bible with a consciousness of its historical setting and perspective will almost
always see things like this issue differently from those who are not willing to
do so. I was talking to my Mom last night on the phone. She lives in
Wenatchee - so she is aware of what is happening even though she's
Presbyterian. I know the church she attends has an anti-homosexual
stance. She wouldn't say that - she says "they" are welcome, just can't
teach Sunday School or hold leadership positions. Yeah! Like that
would make me feel welcome. I asked her what she thought, and she said,
"Well, the Bible says..." Well, the Bible does say - but it also says that
its ok to own slaves and to stone your children to death for being
disrespectful. All this is to say, I can't figure it out either.
Keep on loving. That's the best thing we can do. Thanks for trusting
me enough to share your feelings with me. I miss your Dad. I know
you do to. Keep in touch. Love, Jeanne"

Keep on believing in people and keep on loving!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a friend's last words

as many of you know, my friend, jayne, moved back to portland this weekend. for the last couple of weeks, jayne had been in transition mode getting ready for the move. she and cyrus plotted their trip across the country and prepared for an early sunday morning departure on the 17th.

festivities were planned for the night before to have a big send off for jayne. four of us went to dinner at thai-tanic, her first restaurant she ate in when she moved here, and then we joined the rest of the gang at halo. many of jayne's friends and co-workers showed up for a fun evening of cocktails and memories.

the next morning was a slower start than planned. brad and i shared some sofa cushions on the living room floor while jayne and cyrus got some much needed rest in the bedroom. coffee was made, showers were taken, and some last minute packing was done. then, the hard part came...........

jayne and i said our initial good-byes in the apartment. we hugged each other tightly and held on to the memories we have created over the last couple of months. we know they have been added to a treasure trove of them since we met way back in college. we may not always live near each other, but we remain best of friends. we both know there will be more memories yet to come!

earlier, i had some quiet time with joe, jayne's cat......and our other roommate. although i always pretended i was trying to stick joe into the oven, i really loved this cat.....and jayne knew it too. so while packing was going on and people were getting ready, i had walked into my room to find joe oblivious to what was happening, and he had curled up on my bed for a last nap in the house. i curled up beside him on the bed and jut layed there for a couple of minutes to say my good-byes to joe. he closed his eyes and purred and allowed me to give him kisses. it was a sweet moment i will remember.

back to jayne. after the tears, we all walked outside and packed the car. there were more hugs and then cyrus, jayne and joe hopped into the car. i look at my friend outside of her car door and flashed back on all the memories once more. this was the end of our morning coffees. this was the conclusion of the thunderdome wars. this halted the daily commutes to work. so many things were ending at this moment...........but not the strength of our friendship.

i love jayne, and as i looked at her through teary eyes, all i could feel was pride and happiness. my friend was following her heart and heading back home to start a new adventure both personally and professionally. i am so proud of her strength and determination and i wished her the best of luck on her journey.

brad and i stood on the sidewalk as jayne started the car and prepared to pullout onto the street heading the other way. as she whipped around across the lanes of traffic, tears still welling in my eyes, she leaned out the window to leave me with her last words..........."Thorry, DeeDee!" Most of you will not know what that means, but it was precious to me and put a smile right back on my face. it was classic jayne. it will be a memory i will have for a lifetime. my roommate, my buddy, my friend. i love you jayne!

Friday, September 15, 2006

A Dash is a pretty big deal

sometimes inspiration is found in all shapes and sizes. whether it comes from a friend, a card, a book, someone on tv........we all like to be inspired....and we are all inspired by different things. i'm not big on forwarding out emails to my friends when i get "those kind of emails" that have been forwarded the world over.....half the time i don't read them. sorry.

what i am going to provide is a website. this website contains an inspirational poem presentation set to music and beautiful imagery. it takes a minute to go through it and the message is pretty powerful.

from reading it, i am now inspired to lengthen and stregthen my dash.....i have been reminded of its importance. if you would like to be inspired and relook at your dash, view the following website:

be thankful everyday and be kind to one another.......

Monday, September 11, 2006

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Brad's Pissed

okay, here's my new thing. public bathrooms are gross enough as it is....they don't need help being that way. so, guys, why must you pee on the seat? i don't get it.........does it just come down to pure laziness or is it some type of target practice for you to try and see if you can pee through the seat?

i just have to wonder. not that i use the actual toilet for doing the nasty duty in a public restroom all the time, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. the last thing you want to have to do is wipe some yahoo's pee off the seat with some toilet paper and then cover it with a seat cover........the whole time instead of concentrating on the job at're thinking about whether the pee remnants are now soaking through the seat protector and absorbing into your butt flesh. ewwwwwwwww!

guys, if you must use the toilet to pee in, please lift the damn seat or either sit down to pee. if you don't like touching the toilet seat, use your damn foot.

bathrooms are not meant for target practice!