Friday, September 22, 2006

A thought of loving inspiration

this is an email that i received from a friend. she describes an email she sent to a friend of hers that is a priest. she then shares her friend's response. it is wonderful to know that there are actually people in the ministry that truly believe and practice that love that God tought. i hope you find inspiration from this email............

This is one of the reasons I love my church in Michigan and haven't found
one around here that lives up to it. I recently went on a rant about the
way the Methodist church was putting their own minister on trial, despite the
extreme love and support of her congregation because she was honest and told
them she was gay. I was so angry at the level of hypocrisy and needed to
vent. So I sent an email to my minister in Michigan, raving like a
maniac. Just between us, here is her response. I thought you would
appreciate it. I know I did.

"In any event - to get to your concerns. I feel your
disappointment in your church. It does seem so inconsistent to welcome
people in with one hand and push them away with the other. Those of us who
cherish our friendships with those who are being pushed away are angry and
frustrated. I'm hoping that the outcome of the particular case in
Washington is at least some comfort to you. Unfortunately, this will
continue to be a dividing issue in the United Methodist Church for some time to
come. I'm not sure why - but it will be. One thing that I believe
your Dad would agree with is that for those of us who are willing to read the
Bible with a consciousness of its historical setting and perspective will almost
always see things like this issue differently from those who are not willing to
do so. I was talking to my Mom last night on the phone. She lives in
Wenatchee - so she is aware of what is happening even though she's
Presbyterian. I know the church she attends has an anti-homosexual
stance. She wouldn't say that - she says "they" are welcome, just can't
teach Sunday School or hold leadership positions. Yeah! Like that
would make me feel welcome. I asked her what she thought, and she said,
"Well, the Bible says..." Well, the Bible does say - but it also says that
its ok to own slaves and to stone your children to death for being
disrespectful. All this is to say, I can't figure it out either.
Keep on loving. That's the best thing we can do. Thanks for trusting
me enough to share your feelings with me. I miss your Dad. I know
you do to. Keep in touch. Love, Jeanne"

Keep on believing in people and keep on loving!!!!