Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a friend's last words

as many of you know, my friend, jayne, moved back to portland this weekend. for the last couple of weeks, jayne had been in transition mode getting ready for the move. she and cyrus plotted their trip across the country and prepared for an early sunday morning departure on the 17th.

festivities were planned for the night before to have a big send off for jayne. four of us went to dinner at thai-tanic, her first restaurant she ate in when she moved here, and then we joined the rest of the gang at halo. many of jayne's friends and co-workers showed up for a fun evening of cocktails and memories.

the next morning was a slower start than planned. brad and i shared some sofa cushions on the living room floor while jayne and cyrus got some much needed rest in the bedroom. coffee was made, showers were taken, and some last minute packing was done. then, the hard part came...........

jayne and i said our initial good-byes in the apartment. we hugged each other tightly and held on to the memories we have created over the last couple of months. we know they have been added to a treasure trove of them since we met way back in college. we may not always live near each other, but we remain best of friends. we both know there will be more memories yet to come!

earlier, i had some quiet time with joe, jayne's cat......and our other roommate. although i always pretended i was trying to stick joe into the oven, i really loved this cat.....and jayne knew it too. so while packing was going on and people were getting ready, i had walked into my room to find joe oblivious to what was happening, and he had curled up on my bed for a last nap in the house. i curled up beside him on the bed and jut layed there for a couple of minutes to say my good-byes to joe. he closed his eyes and purred and allowed me to give him kisses. it was a sweet moment i will remember.

back to jayne. after the tears, we all walked outside and packed the car. there were more hugs and then cyrus, jayne and joe hopped into the car. i look at my friend outside of her car door and flashed back on all the memories once more. this was the end of our morning coffees. this was the conclusion of the thunderdome wars. this halted the daily commutes to work. so many things were ending at this moment...........but not the strength of our friendship.

i love jayne, and as i looked at her through teary eyes, all i could feel was pride and happiness. my friend was following her heart and heading back home to start a new adventure both personally and professionally. i am so proud of her strength and determination and i wished her the best of luck on her journey.

brad and i stood on the sidewalk as jayne started the car and prepared to pullout onto the street heading the other way. as she whipped around across the lanes of traffic, tears still welling in my eyes, she leaned out the window to leave me with her last words..........."Thorry, DeeDee!" Most of you will not know what that means, but it was precious to me and put a smile right back on my face. it was classic jayne. it will be a memory i will have for a lifetime. my roommate, my buddy, my friend. i love you jayne!