Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sharing Yourself: A Precious Gift

Take a moment and think about some gifts you have received in the past. They could be for your birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary, Mother's Day.....anything really. Which ones stand out to you?  Why do they stand out to you? It could be because of the occasion (maybe a wedding for example) or it could be because of the person who gave it to you....or even what the gift actually was.  When it encompasses a multitude of reasons, that's when you know you have a very special gift that holds a place in your soul that's with you for a lifetime. 

I recently came across one of these gifts as I was updating my iPod that I'd like to share with you at the end of the blog post.  Seems like an odd place to find a "gift" when you are on your computer. What I came across was a music file (.mp3) that is over 11 years old. I listened to this file on my iTunes and wonderful memories came flashing back to me, and I felt a warmness in my heart.  This is what a special gift that you cherish does to least in my book. I thought of the wonderful person who gave it to me, the special occasion in which it was given, and then just the overall preciousness of the gift itself. See....I was given the special gift of my very own song.

My best friend, Mike Nguyen, has a very special musical talent. He plays the piano and the cello....and it a master at both. For my 30th birthday, Mikey composed and recorded a piano and cello duet and played it for me before we had dinner at his house to celebrate my birthday. I remember that moment when I first realized what was happening. He sat me down on the sofa and told me he had a gift for me. I didn't see anything wrapped and it didn't look like he was making any move to bring forth some type of present hidden somewhere.  Instead, he pressed "play" on his electric piano where he recorded a song. How beautiful the music was....and it was specifically for me. I think I was so shocked, stunned, overwhelmed (you name it) after the first time it played that I made him play it again right away before I said anything.  Man I was moved. Actually, I think I cried a bit. Here was such an amazing talent sharing something so special with me.....himself. How do you put that into words?  I think it's incredible, don't you?

My deep friendship with Mikey has spanned over 12 years now. We have had so many wonderful memories together with our friends. Road trips, nights on the town, parties, weddings, concerts, dinners and countless other events. He truly is one of a kind and I love him dearly. If you know know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'd like to share this special gift with you via the power of the Internet which I really had no way of doing back then.  I think you will agree that the song is beautiful not only for what you hear, but also for what it stands for....friendship.  Here is my precious gift, entitled:   Brad's 30th

Much  love, Mikey!!!!!