Sunday, June 16, 2013

We've Got the Media Buzzing @ My2Brads

Washington Post article June 16, 2013
We've been very fortunate how media has worked in our favor. After connecting with Kyler's mother via Facebook and then getting interviewed by Laura Evans and FOX 5 News during the holidays, The Brads have the media buzzing again.

Today, Father's Day 2013, the Washington Post ran an article on our family about how social media (specifically Facebook) played an amazing role in our adoption. Not only were we interviewed, but so was Kyler's mother.

Fast forward a few hours and we received a call from FOX 5 News to see if they could interview us at noon to be featured tonight at on the 6pm and 10pm segments. Uh, "hec yah!"   We hope to post that recorded segment on here somehow following the newscast. (see below)

What's next for the Brad's?  Well, we'd love to go even bigger and share our story across this nation. We'd love to be on Ellen or the Today Show to showcase the realities of the adoption process, how social media can play a role and, most importantly, how open adoption can be an amazing and healthy experience. After that, who knows what could be next ... maybe our own reality show - "My 2 Brads"   Whaddaya think?

Home video of the interview via my iPhone

The actual FOX page online that has the better quality video