Wednesday, September 27, 2006

update on julie

some of you have greatfully inquired how my sister-in-law, julie, is doing with her battle against cancer. i thought i would take the time to update all of you and share with other who don't know the situation with my family.

i'll start with the quick and dirty. julie is married to my oldest brother brian and is 45 years old. she has been battling a fight against breast cancer for the last 7 years that has attacked her breasts, her breast bone, her brain, and now most recently her lymph system, pelvis and arm.
it's been a long battle and it seems with every victory of either finishing a round of chemo or radiation and getting great results, she gets knocked back down with the news that the cancer has appeared somewhere else.

currently, julie remains strong. i talked with her last week because she's having a rough time being home by herself now because her two children are in school all day. she has trouble getting around due to the loss of mobility in her right leg, so her days are challenged and often filled with time sitting alone in her house.

although she is doing okay, i can just tell that something is not right....she's not the same person. she has difficulty expressing her thoughts and sometimes has trouble finishing them by saying, "now where was i going with this?" he speech is just a little slower and often delayed. that's the best way to discribe it. i'm sure i would be the same way if i've had years of "poison" circulating through my blood and radiation directed at my brain for months. through it all though, she remains positive.

she has just completed her 5th out of 10 rounds of chemo. she's a little worried because the last round caused a migraine headache that almost put her down. she hasn't had one in almost 20 years and now she's worried if the next rounds will bring about the same results. it's hard for her to go back knowing what is to come, but still....she fights.

i called her last week to share with her that a friend of mine from portland had called be he and another friend (involved in a prayer group) had inquired about her status. i just called to let her know that there were people she doesn't even know praying for her. she took comfort in that and i could tell that it really meant a lot to her.

i thank you for those that have inquired about julie. most of you know how hard it is for me to be this far away from her and my family and we battle this together. i am just counting the days until the christmas holiday when i get to go home for about 10 days a be with my family. i look forward to spending some quality time with julie.

count your blessings every day that you have your health. sometimes we take it for granted, but being healthy is such a blessing than the alternative that many people must combat each day of their lives.

be good to each other!