Friday, September 15, 2006

A Dash is a pretty big deal

sometimes inspiration is found in all shapes and sizes. whether it comes from a friend, a card, a book, someone on tv........we all like to be inspired....and we are all inspired by different things. i'm not big on forwarding out emails to my friends when i get "those kind of emails" that have been forwarded the world over.....half the time i don't read them. sorry.

what i am going to provide is a website. this website contains an inspirational poem presentation set to music and beautiful imagery. it takes a minute to go through it and the message is pretty powerful.

from reading it, i am now inspired to lengthen and stregthen my dash.....i have been reminded of its importance. if you would like to be inspired and relook at your dash, view the following website:

be thankful everyday and be kind to one another.......