Monday, May 07, 2012

A Stone For Chelsea

Some of you may have already seen this posted to Facebook by Brad earlier last week. I'm posting this here to make one last attempt to help raise some funds for this family. To date, Brad has received about $280 of the $1,500 needed for this angel's headstone at her grave. I see this as a "Pay It Forward" moment in a way. Brad received some comfort from this young lady at a time when he needed it. He hopes to provide some comfort and peace-of-mind to the family by helping out this way. If you can help, checks can be mailed, or you can use my Paypal account using email address:

Here is what Brad posted earlier providing more details on the situation:

Hello friends. I reach out to you with a very special request. A dear family friend of mine lost her 14 year old daughter in a tragic car accident in my home town in Alabama a... couple of weeks ago. An unbelievable tragedy. Due to a lack of insurance, the family is struggling to pay for the funeral costs and the headstone. They are having bake sales, car washes and donation buckets placed around the city, but are still in need of donations. If you would like to help out, I will gladly pass along any money I can raise. I had planned to send a personal donation today, but I will hold off until next week in hopes that I can help raise more funds. I only met this sweet young girl once – when my father passed away over a year ago. I remember how she hugged me and squeezed me so tightly that day. I just can’t get that moment out of my head and feel compelled to help out as much as I can. I found out from her mother yesterday that she donated her organs. They just received a letter from the Alabama Eye Donor Foundation informing them that her eyes were donated to two blind children who had been waiting for 2 years for a proper match. This is just one way this young girl’s giving spirit will remain alive. I want to respect the family’s privacy, so if you would like more info on how you can help out, please send me an email here on Facebook – or to my personal email address. Thanks, Brad
We all have some things that come into our lives and touch us in such a unique way that we feel compelled to respond, change our lives or take some type of action. This is what is currently touching Brad's heart at this time and we are here to support him. Thank you.