Monday, December 13, 2010

A Fairy Godmother is Born

Tonight was a night of celebration. Kyler was visited tonight by Brad's best friend, Kim, and her boyfriend, Chris, from New York. We all headed to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Olazzo, for some "catch-up" time. This was the first time Kim was meeting Kyler... and what a special night it turned out to be. 

Kyler (well, we) presented a small gift to Kim to open at dinner this evening. Inside was a small acrylic frame with a picture of Kyler (of course) with an inscription that read:  "Godson"    At that moment, we were sharing with Kim our desire for her to be Kyler's other godmother (he has two, you know). We figured, if he has two dads, why can't he have two godmothers?  So be it!

So, along with our niece, Jessica, Kim will join the ranks of a very important role in Kyler's life .... godmother.  We couldn't have asked for two better people that we trust to help guide Kyler in his spiritual journey ... and also just to love him unconditionally. We are truly blessed that they both have accepted their new "role," and we look forward to our son growing up surrounded by God's love with the guidance of his two godmothers.

It was truly a reason to celebrate. This video captured the event and shares it all (seen below) ... the sheer excitement on Kim's face is validation enough that we made the perfect choice and that Kyler will enjoy watching this video for years to come. Thank you to Kim and Jessica for accepting the commitment to our son. We love you both dearly!

-The Brads

Questions:  Do you have a godmother?  Are you still in contact with your godmother or godfather? What role do they play in your life today?