Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hero or Idiot?

How many of you saw the news story today about the gunman at the Florida school board meeting this week?  When I first saw the newscast, I was shocked to see the female board member who snuck up behind the gunman and hit him with her purse.

Like some, it first tickled my funny bone and I had to rewind the DVR to view it again. It cracked me up that this woman thought she was going to take this guy out with her handbag.  What an idiot!  The gunman was obviously disturbed, plus he was quite a big man.... and here was the small framed woman sneaking up behind him all bad-ass like and jumped him......with her purse. I mean, WTH!? I then went to bed not fully grasping the severity of the story.

The next morning on the Today Show, I found out the actual gunman was shot dead after he had opened fire on one of the board members. The also interviewed three of the members, including the woman with the purse, Ginger Littleton.  Apparently, Littleton was attempting to at least knock the gun out of Crazy's hand to provide some chance of preventing a shooting. Littleton now admits it probably wasn't the brightest idea, but she was only acting on instinct and wanted to protect "her guys." To her credit, she is quoted as saying:
"My guys were actually lined up like pigeons on a wire (in front of Duke), one after the other, and it would have taken two seconds for him to take every one of them out. And they had three-ring binders and pencils for defenses,"
My initial reaction to Littleton was that she was an idiot. Is she? After seeing her this morning, I kind of feel like she's some type of hero.....not sure to what level, but a hero in her own right.  Here she was, taking action against a menace to protect others....even at the potential cost of her own life. If put in the same situation, I have to ask myself if I would even think about doing the same thing. I would like to think that I would ....I do care about others and don't have an overwhelming feeling of  "self," but now that I have a family of my own....would I?

Although Littleton's attempt failed miserably, she at least tried....she did something out of concern for her fellow man. I feel this is something rarely seen in modern society. Or, is it that we are just bombarded with all the negative aspects of humanity that acts like this are overshadowed and seem so few and far between?  Do we need more Littleton's in the world? Are you a Littleton?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

This story erupted so many questions in my head about who I am and who I want my son to see me as being. Truthfully, I hope I am never ever put in a situation like this where my life and the lives of others are put in danger, but if so....what would I do? Let's pray I never find out.