Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Kyler(s) Christmas

Tonight was the holiday party for our condominium building here at MICA. Our Social Committee worked hard to beautifully decorate our media room and put on a great spread, including cheese and chocolate fondue. I might have said, "I do" to the fondue!

We dressed up Kyler in his little red Santa suit (see below) that was given to him by his Auntie Kathy from Seattle. He stole our heart once more when we saw how cute he was in his outfit. This was Kyler's first official party, so he needed to look his best.  ;)  
Santa suit from Aunt Kathy

The fun part of the evening was the arrival of 9 month old Kyler, who also lives in our building. Can you believe it? We only have about 4 babies in our entire building, and one of them shares the same unique name with our son. They are only 7 months apart ... if given time, I bet they could be besties. The other Kyler (OK) is extremely cute and almost looks like he has the same nose as Kyler. OK's parents seem very sweet, so we are hoping for some play-dates in the future with our sons. The picture below captured a very funny moment between the two of them. We sat Kyler down on the floor next to OK to introduce them, and Kyler's expression here is like, "This kid has my name already, and now he wants my Santa suit. HELP!" It was actually very cute ... OK gave Kyler a couple of pats to the face and then was on his way. 

Kyler did play a key role in the evening though. During the White Elephant gift exchange, Brad was holding Kyler and stole a Pier 1 snowman ornament that had been previously opened. Brad was keen on keeping the gift, so he put the ornament in Kyler's hand and was saying to him, "Don't you just love your ornament, Kyler?"  At that moment, he had won ... no one was going to walk up and steal this ornament from the hand of a babe ..... or Kyler's.  LOL!  It was a brilliant move by Brad, and that's one of the many reasons I love him.....always thinkin'. 

All in all, it was a great celebration. Kyler's first holiday party was a success.... no cranks, no poops, and no smelly gas.  It's a 100% in my book, if you ask me. 

-The Brads

Questions:  Have you enjoyed any holiday parties yet? Do you have a favorite memory from a holiday party in the past? Do you hate holiday parties?