Monday, June 12, 2006

we can all do something. i have recently learned that my sister-in-law's battle with breast cancer is continuing. she has been fighting the fight now for over 5 years, and this time the cancer is back with a vengence.
although she is not thrilled with continuing this battle, but she is ready to hit this thing again head-on. however, people in this position need our help. they need words of inspiration, they need support, they need money raised for research. no matter what you do, every bit helps.
being far away from my sister-in-law is hard for me when she is going through all this, but i try to do my part. that is why i support those fund raising efforts that i my friends are doing all across the country. whether it's with a local organization or a national one.........the fight is still the same and so are the costs. the easiest thing you can do is pledge $25 to these efforts. right now that's roughly equal to a tank of gas.........but the benefits are so much greater.
chances are you probably know someone in your family that has been touched by can probably count several others that you know of in your daily lives. this evil disease affects way too many to bring a cure. find a way to contribute........