Monday, December 29, 2008

Next to Fabulous!

"You just gotta see it!" If you like theater, this is the only thing that best describes how I feel about this show. I was fortunate to be invited to a free viewing on "press night" for the new production of Next to Normal playing at Arena Stage in Crystal City. I knew nothing about the show, but, theater is free theater, right? Let me just say that Next to Normal is nothing but next to fabulous.

In this darkly funny musical, two suburban parents explore how far they will go to keep themselves sane in an over-stimulated and over-medicated world. Next to Normal has just finished a successful run in New York, delighting audiences with its provocative lyrics and exciting musical score.

The set is simple, but very stimulating. The music (both instumental and vocal) is overwhelming, and the acting...........well, let's just say the acting is pure genius. At the end, you are completely compelled to stand and applaud and applaud......and applaud. It's that good.

The Washington Times says, "Truly the go-to show of the winter season."

The Washington Post says, "A moving, blisteringly honest, and inordinately powerful new musical."

Next to Normal is here for a short time until January 18, so go and see won't be disappointed. It's playing at the temporary home in Crystal City, so it's right at the red-line Crystal City metro stop. You don't even have to go outside! Why go to Broadway when it's right here in your backyard?

Next to Normal, it's simply next to fabulous!