Tuesday, October 28, 2008


okay, so i finally did it. i went to go see High School Musical 3 at the silver spring theater complex. brad and some of his co-workers organized an evening last night to all go and see the new phenom.

the movie started at 7:10pm, but i didn't get their until almost 8pm because i left work a little late and still needed to get home, walk the dog, cram something down my throat and get to the theater. oh yah, did i mention that it was raining and traffic sucked the big-one? yah, it did.

anway, we walked into the theater and expected to have to rumage through hundreds of teenagers there to see the flick. well, to our suprise, there was like 15 people total in the entire theater. i was actually quite shocked, even for a monday night.

now onto the movie. i can't necessarily say it was any worse than the other two, but i can't say it was any better either. it was just really more of the same. i mean, what more really could they do with the story line since none of them can drink, smoke or have sex. if fact, it was a big deal that troy and gabriella actually locked lips.........for a good while. ahhhhhhhhh! my virgin eyes!!!!

anyway, i'm sure it'll be a smash hit for all those "boppers" who loved the first one and are total fans. it'll prove to be a good night on the town for them and their parents, if they join. it was good clean fun.