Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hope for Changing Hearts on Marriage Equality

Brad and I hope to one day be married. In fact, many people ask when that is going to happen. When our state, Maryland, passes marriage equality and there is no risk of being overturned ... it will happen. We look forward to the day where we feel just like everyone else and not like second class citizens.

To get there, we need to change hearts one person at a time. This article by the former brainchild, Louis J. Marinelli, of the 2010 Summer for Marriage Tour is very inspirational that equality is moving forward. If hearts can be changed like this person, then there is great hope for even the hardest of hearts. 

The article will take you about 5 minutes to read, and it's worth it. Mr Marinelli sets out his timeline of how his change of heart happened. If you find this article inspirational and feel others would benefit from reading it, I ask that you forward it on, re-post it, blog about it ... whatever. It's a great story for all to read.

I Now Support Full Marriage Equality - Go Now