Friday, July 06, 2012

What's My Name?

With our recent announcement that we will soon be adopting our second son, we are once again faced with the enormous task of picking a name. We've done this twice before, so we should be pros at it by now, right? However, it hasn't made it any easier. It's a HUGE amount of pressure to know you will be naming another human being that they will more than likely keep for the rest of their life. Good grief, what if they hate it?

We've quickly had about 3-4 names that have risen to the top that we have been playing around with. Brad has a tendency to try and use the name as if the baby were already here to get used to saying it...and see how it feels. I just tend to think and ponder about it.  Then we usually find pockets of time that we discuss new options and then usually find our way back to the final candidates on the list.

As you know, we don't make the announcement of the name we have have chosen until the baby is born .... but we are very excited to tell you that we have finalized what our son's name will be .... and are so eager to share it!...but you'll have to wait until the big day.

Any guesses what the final name will be?