Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready. Set. Wait. Our Adoption

This is just an update for everyone on our adoption journey. We are still in a waiting pattern at this point. Momma’s due date was this past Saturday….she has since had a doctor appointment on Thursday and everything still looks good. She’s only dilated at about 1.5cm and no other real signs that the baby is ready to appear. BUT the most important thing is that he appears to be very healthy and about 6.5lbs at this point.

We are still in Maryland and will not head to New Mexico until she goes into labor or is scheduled to be induced. So… you know about as much as we do. Our next son has all the control in this matter, and we think he still wants some time to continue baking. We’ll take this weekend to continue in some preparations for our departure.

Again, as soon as we have heard any other news that we can share we will post something for you all to know. Until then….we appreciate your prayers and support.

The Brads & Kyler