Sunday, September 09, 2012

Our Journey. Moving Forward.

It's been a while since we've provided an update on our adoption journey to build our family, so here's just a quick post to let you know how and what we are doing.

First, we can't being without again thanking you all for you love and support. Many people have asked us why we are so public with our adoption journey before we finally "secure" the child. We have both thought about it and have decided we wouldn't want it any other way. We truly feel we couldn't have faced this second failed adoption without the support we have been given via calls, emails, FB posts, etc. It really did help to heal the pain and bring our focus knowing we had so many people concerned about us and offering up their love and support.

When you take a step back and look at our situation, it's hard to imagine that we had two failed adoptions within the span of six months.  That just doesn't typically happen. With this last adoption opportunity, everything just felt so right...just as it did with Kyler. We loved the couple we were working with and we were just stunned when we received "the call" from the them just a mere six hours after leaving the hospital with them. We just take solace in the fact that this couple was extremely loving and sweet, and both of them had families that were involved and supportive in their lives. Knowing "Kellan" was with good people did help with the healing process.

Even so.... we still had a lot we needed to process and think about when we returned home. We have both looked at each other and said "we can't go through this again," meaning.....a failed adoption. So it's been a little hard to try and make our mark to move forward but still have this sense of caution about protecting our hearts. Two truths that we feel strongly about have helped us stay the course, 1) God will not give us anything He feels we cannot handle, and 2) everything thing happens for a reason... even if we don't quite know what it is at the time.

Brad and I are determined to build our family again. We just know Kyler is destined to be a big brother and we are meant to at least be a family of four. We have entered the adoption waiting pool again and are now just playing the waiting game again, just as before. The call may come tomorrow....the call may come three years from now - we just know that the call will come.

We are happy. We are healthy. We have a home full of love....and a child who melts our hearts with each smile. This is all wrapped by the circle of arms from our friends and family who support us every step along the way. No regrets and no looking back. Like the President, our current mantra is FORWARD. Forward to the promise of a new day (hat tip to Paula Abdul).

The Brads & Kyler