Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Battle the Veggie War and CRUSH it!

If you're like me, you struggle with getting your toddler to eat their veggies. I personally love almost all vegetables, and I want our son to love them as well. But if your child is anything like Kyler, he's pretty much limited us to peas, carrots and occasionally he'll surprise with a few swallows of potatoes. I've tried several times to get him to eat sweet potatoes (roasted with honey) and some other healthy alternatives, but I usually end up with the same result:  a huge mess and none of the veggies ending up anywhere inside my child.  UGH!   To save my sanity and provide the variety of veggies we desire for Kyler to have......we sneak. 

Thank goodness there are many products on the market that we lovingly call "crushers."  They go by different names:  pouches, veggie grabs, squeezies.  Whatever you call them, I hope you are in love with them as much as we are. They typically use apple sauce as a base (and sometimes some fruit, e.g. mangoes), but then they sneak in great veggies like:  sweet potatoes, spinach, squash and even rutabaga. I know they are meant to be for much younger babies that might be transitioning into solids, but not in this household!  They are perfect for those emergency snacks on the go, but they are a great supplement to a meal when you just need some veggie action in your child so you can go to bed with a clean conscience. 

You can see from this image with Ella's Kitchen, Kyler gets a nice heap full of sweet potatoes AND pumpkin with this crusher. Plus, the antioxidants the blueberries. WIN-WIN!

We'll continue our efforts of getting Kyler to explore with more vegetables, but we'll always know we can reach for these little pouches in the cabinet and CRUSH it!

Why don't they make these for adults? Or do they?