Wednesday, January 16, 2013

He Mustard Up the Courage

Just somewhat of a follow up from my previous post. I basically alluded to the fact that Kyler can be somewhat of a picky eater. He definitely knows what he does and does not like to eat. He is big ketchup fan for dipping almost anything in. 

Tonight was a breakthrough at dinner time for me. I asked Kyler if he'd like something different to dip his chicken nuggets in. Of course he said "yes" because I really don't think he knew what I was asking.....or intending. I had a plan to see if I could get Kyler to try and possibly like mustard. 

Now as you know.....mustard is very distinct taste. You either love it or hate it. I had a gut feeling that he was not going to like it, but I just had to try.  Why?  His Dada is a HUGE mustard fan and puts in on almost everything. I just thought it'd be cute if they both had a love for mustard. 

I put out his chicken nuggets and put the tiniest of dollops of mustard on the corner of the to the larger splat of ketchup. I told Kyler is was something different and that it would taste funny, and that he did not have to like it. The boy smiled and dipped his finger right in it and off into his mouth it went. 

I wish I could have captured the face. It was a cross between "what the hec's in my mouth" and "hey this is kind of fun."  He ended up finishing off the rest of the mustard dollop with a few of the nuggets and then switched to the ketchup. Whoooo-Hoooo!   I was half expecting him to spit it out or chuck his plate (yes this sweet angel has done that before, Nana)....but not this.  WOW!

I have to hand it to him....he sure surprised me tonight. My brave little man....mustard'ing up the courage to try new things.   It's all a Papa could ask for.