Thursday, November 16, 2006

what the *bleep*?!

uh, hi, give me a flippin' break! are you kidding me? did anyone watch this show this week? the final decision was announced on wednesday evening, and you guessed it....emmitt won! i was a little confused when he beat joey out, but to actually win in the finals.......WHAAAAAAAAT!
i've even talked with a few of my friends that have a dancing background and they are just as confused. his style was half that of mario and way too simple.

the only thing that was great about the show was to see how pissed karina was that mario lost. she had such a sour face and looked like she wanted to scratch someone's eyes out...........she knew! she worked very hard with mario and knew she was robbed.

there are rumors that mario and karina are a couple, or at least schmeking with each other. could there be photos?

anyways, this may not have been a presidential vote, but it truly does show how your vote counts. rock the vote! lol

be good to one another....