Friday, January 07, 2011

Baby Man Farts

I was at a gathering of guys last night for an employee resource group that we are starting up. One of the gentlemen I was having a conversation with found out we had recently adopted. He was just thrilled for us and asked me, "What is the one big revelation you've had since becoming a father." I wasn't really sure how to answer that question. I thought about it for a brief second and responded with something that sounded like, "Just the fact of how natural it actually feels to be a parent. It's really not that scary."

Nice response I suppose ... actually, it's very true. However, on my ride home when I had more time to process, I thought about a much bigger revelation that's happened since becoming a father. And that is .... even very small tiny babies have big ol' man farts.

To be honest with you, I guess I have never heard a baby fart loudly and never really gave it much thought. However, our little Kyler can really pack a wallup in his drawers when he wants to. It's actually quite funny that something that load can come from someone so little.

We have discovered that although very funny, these farts are very necessary for the happiness of all involved. When Kyler is anywhere close to being cranky, it is usually because he's gassy and needs to frrrrrrrrrrrrrrtt a little. As soon as he gets that out, he usually calms down pretty quickly. Often, we need to have him on his back and rub his stomach in a downward motion to work the gas out, or work his knees back and forth to his chest  Geeeeeeesh, sometimes I wish I had someone to work my gas out.

I am already invisioning when it will come the time that I'll need to teach Kyler when and where it is appropriate to break wind .... especially in public. I can just see that conversation happening.  "Kyler, whenever you are around people that we haven't had over for dinner, you can't toot .... unless you know it's a "steamer" and we are outside."   Guess I'll need to show by example....DANG!

Enjoy your weekend. Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!