Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Return of Super Nana

So, life is definitely different around the Benton-Letson household. Brad's mom has returned to Alabama after a 2.5 week visit after the Christmas holiday. We can definitely say that we truly miss her and that she is a Super Nana!

Kyler was extremely spoiled the last few weeks with all of the attention his Nana gave him. And we were definitely spoiled with all of the free time we had because Nana was feeding, burping, and changing her grandson any chance she could get. It was such a treat to wake up in the morning for work and "hand off" Kyler to Nana for his morning feeding while we got ready for the day. We have quickly realized (now on this first day of getting Kyler to daycare) that we need to build in a lot of extra time in the morning.  *hmmmph*

As much of a benefit as we received out of her being her, it was fortunately a two way street. As some of you know, Nana is recently widowed after the traumatic passing of Brad's dad in October of last year. The holidays were a definite time of celebration, but we are all still grieving as the absence of Almon was felt.

Nana mentioned that "Kyler was a much needed distraction," but I think he was more than that. I really do feel that he has provided some sense of healing for us all ... but especially Nana. A new chapter in her life has started, and it is not once that she chose .... but rather one that was provided to her. There are many changes and adaptations that have happened and are still yet to come, but she is remaining strong. I personally have a new deep respect and admiration for her because of her strength. Through all of this, she has held tight to her family and has shown an out-pouring of pure love. She has fully embraced every aspect and benefit of being a grandmother ... a new role she takes with pride even with every diaper change.

The three of us (Brad, Brad & Kyler) are so very blessed. Blessed to have Nana in our lives right now, and hopefully for many many years to come. We are so thrilled that Kyler will grow up to know and love his Nana and also learn about the great man he'll call "Grandpa."

Although Nana is hundreds of miles away, we can feel her every day as we know her thoughts are constantly on her precious grandson. We love you so very much. We count our blessings for you, and we cannot wait for the Return of Super Nana!
Nana and her Ky