Wednesday, October 11, 2006

gotta love the girls

i've never understood those people that have seen a certain band or singer perform "X" amount of times in concert. i mean, i guess i could see someone seeing a performer a couple of times over their lifetime, but thought it ridiculous when someone would say, "i've seen U2 perform like 34 times." well, now i have to throw myself in that damn bucket that i never use to understand.

monday marked the 7th time that i have seen the indigo girls perform live. i never thought i would see them this many time, but here i am and i love every concert that i attend.

i have been a fan of the indigo girls since 1990 when i got into college. so, it's been 16 years of fervent following of the girls. now, i don't travel all over the country to see their concerts, but i have seen them in different states....just depending upon where i am living.

if you have never listened to the indigo girls, you are missing some beautiful music. 20 years after they began releasing records as indigo girls, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have politely declined the opportunity to mellow with age. you could just say it's just not in their constitution. devoted environmental and social justice activists and lifelong music-industry mavericks, the girls have spent their entire career pushing boundaries on a variety of fronts.

the girls seem to come to the washington area every year....usually to wolf trap or merryweather. the next time they come into town, feel free to join me in hearing them in their element....outside, with their acoustic guitars in hand, and harmonizing with the stars.

be good to each other!