Friday, October 13, 2006

i oughta be in pictures!

i was involved in a video shoot here at marriott international that was recently posted on the video is announcing a new competition that our associates can get involved with that promotes our spirit to serve our guests strategy. for a small low budget film, it's pretty cute!

you barely see me, but i'm the one in the black tux with the white painted face. i was supposed to be a "ghostly butler" who was the spirit who serves our guests. yah, big role!

my friend, claudia, that some of you know has a huge cameo as fish face. you'll definitely see her in the video. soo.......check it out, it's quick and funny!

Marriott International on

feel free to post any comments that you have on youtube about the video, and please share with your friends!

be good to each other!