Tuesday, October 31, 2006

special delivery

one of my best friends from college called to tell me they had their second child. allow me to help introduce to the world, jaron shane simler! now, jaron was a special delivery because he was adopted by my best friend and his wife. they were fortunate enough to find a young woman who chose them to be her baby's adopted parents. so, my friend, jeremy, and his wife were present in the delivery room to witness the birth of their son.

i got a chance to talk to jeremy about the whole experience. he shared with me the whole process and gave me a testimony about the biological birth mother and how she came into their lives. it was truly a blessing and they believe it is by grace alone that they now have a brother for their daughter, karis.

jeremy and kristalyn are home with their new son and enjoying all of the joys of being new parents all over again.

families come in all shapes and sizes. this is just another shining example that all that a family needs is love. it doesn't matter how the child came into the family, what their age or nationality is........or who their parents are.......be they male/female, male/male, female/female....or a single parent. all that is needed is pure love for that of a child. poof! you have a family!

my best wishes to jeremy and his family. i pray for your sleep! here are my best wishes, also, to those that are contemplating becoming a family...however that may be.

be good to each other......